bulkeley-hill-woodThe championships of the people….

The Time Climb Championships is the 1 mile trail Time Trial aimed at all runners.

The event will invite 50 runners from 25 clubs to face off for Team and individual prizes.

If you fancy picking your wits against the cream of local running talent, you can enter in one of the 150 open spaces.

Not forgetting the future, there will be space for up to 50 juniors (11-16) to enhance their trail and climbing skills.

The location of the 2017 event is Bulkeley Hill Wood in Cheshire.  We would like to thank the National Trust for allowing us to host the event.

The run will ascend the old railway line before weaving its way back down the woods path across the finish at the bottom, where hopefully you will take pride of place on the podium.

Each hour, volunteers will take small groups on FREE guided runs along the Sandstone Trail.

Event Details:

Date: 21st May 2017
Time: 10am
Location: Bulkeley Hill Wood
HQ: Bulkeley Hill Wood – Bottom of the Railway Line
Postcode: Nearest SY14 8BE
Route: Signed and Marshalled
Prizes: Individual Senior & Junior 1st – 3rd. Senior Team Winners.
Memento: TBC
Race Route: View here

Please collect your numbers on the day.  

Parking is limited, please share cars where possible.


We believe in giving back…. Gold Events Marshal 2017 offer is:
Marshal 1 race – get free entry to any of our events less than 13.1 miles.
Marshal 2 races – get free entry into any of our events over 13.1 miles.

Contact us on info@gold-events.co.uk with details of your marshal and free events (free one has to be after marshalled events).

Club Invitations

20 of the regions clubs have entered the Time Trial showdown.  We still have spaces for free club places, so if your club would like to be involved, please contact us on info@gold-events.co.uk


Adult (16+): £8.00
Junior (11-16): £4.50
*Online booking fees may apply

Enter Now….


Paper Entry Form coming soon

Race Format

The run is a Time Trial, so you will be running against the clock.

Each runner will be set off in short intervals.  You will be asked to provide details of your fastest 1 mile or 5km time*.  You will then be ranked from the slowest to fastest times, with the fastest runners going last.

This will mean there will be many different people on the podium during the competition, lending to a great spectacle.

*Random checks will be carried out to confirm the validity of runners fastest time.

The Sandstone Trail

Bulkeley Hill is on the Sandstone Trail which runs from Whitchurch to Frodsham.

In addition to the race, volunteers will be organising hourly FREE steady runs along the Sandstone Path through Bulkeley Hill, Rawhead and Bickerton Hills.  You should be with people of similar pace due to the ranking of runners.

Details of the Sandstone Trail, Accommodation, pubs and restaurants can be found here.


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