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16th May 2017 – Trail Tuesday, Astbury Mere: Group Run

9th May 2017 – Trail Tuesday, Hanchurch Woods: Short Long – Long Fast

2nd May 2017 – My Trail, Consall: Short – LongLong Fast

25th April 2017 – Trail Tuesday, Tittesworth: Group RunLong Fast

12th March 2017 – Edale Skyline Run

21st February 2017 – Trail Tuesday, Trentham: Short/Medium – Long

9th February 2017 – Beer Festival Run

7th February 2017 – Trail Tuesday, Westbridge Stone: Short – MediumLong

24th January 2017 – Trail Tuesday, The Cloud: MediumLong

10th January 2017 – Trail Tuesday, Bathpool: MediumLong

27th December 2016 – Trail Tuesday, Astbury Mere: Group Run

13th December 2016 – Trail Tuesday, Silverdale: ShortLong

16th November 2016 – Kinder Downfall Run